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Housing and Costs

Housing and Costs

Finding a suitable home

When you leave care from 18, the local authority must help you to find a suitable home which fits in with your pathway plan – for example, by being near to where you learn or work.

There are lots of housing options so it’s important to chat about them to with your PA or social worker.

Possible housing options

  • Semi-independent living, like supported lodgings, a shared house or trainer flats;
  • A “When Im Ready” placement ( you can remain here until you are 21 or 25 if you are in education or training);
  • Independent accommodation which is either privately rented or social housing

Some options may be ‘unregulated accommodation’. This is housing that is not inspected by Care Inspectorate Wales

Checking it’s safe and suitable

It is important that you check with your PA that the accommodation is safe, and that it’s suitable for you – both in terms of where it is and how much it costs.

Your PA must visit you at your new accommodation.

The local authority should give you money to decorate and buy furniture and they must give you information on how to get help if you have any problems.

What to do if you have a crisis

If you have a crisis, like facing an eviction or a break down with your living arrangements, contact your PA or local authority as soon as you can.

There may be emergency accommodation that you can go to or you could go to more supportive accommodation.

Managing money, and benefits

Your personal advisor must help you get any benefits you’re entitled to, and help you manage your money.

If you are still in training or education, your local authority must help you with these costs, but if you are not, from 18, local authorities are not fully responsible for paying your day-to-day costs.

This is why it is so important that your personal advisor helps you to get what you’re entitled to to help with your housing and living costs.

What to ask your local authority

Each local authority will have its own policy in place, showing you what you are entitled to, how payments are to be made and what help the local authority can offer you with money.

It is important that you ask for this.