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Assembly Learning Grant

The Assembly Learning Grant for Further Education Scheme – ALG (FE ) – helps people aged 19 or over to keep going with their education.

It is a payment of up to £1,500 if you are studying full time and up to £750 if you are part time, and it depends on your household income.

Student Loans and Grants

If you want to go to university you can get student loans and grants.

Student Finance Wales is in charge of this.

You probably won’t get any other benefits when you’re at university; but if you’re studying part-time and on a low income, are a parent yourself, or a student with disabilities you may still be able to claim some benefits.

Higher Education Bursary

Local authorities usually give extra money to help care leavers carry on in higher education.

All local authorities have to pay a Higher Education Bursary of £2,000 to care leavers doing a higher education course.

Going Back to college or university after leaving care

If you’ve left care but are still under 25 and you decide you would like to go to college or university you can get back in touch with the leaving care team. They will do a new Pathway Plan for your education and provide help and support.

Support from your local authority

If you stay in education and training after 18 years of age, your local authority must support you by;

  • Making sure your travel costs are covered, or support you to live within reasonable distance from your education
  • Give you a grant to help cover the costs of your education or training
  • Give you a personal adviser to support you
  • Make sure you have suitable accommodation during term holidays (or give you with enough money to secure it yourself).
  • This support can keep going until you reach 25, or, if the course you’re doing continues beyond the age of 25, the local authority must support you until it finishes
  • If your education or training stops, the local authority must reasonably continue to support you until your course starts again.