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Aged 18 – 21

Aged 18 – 21

Personal Advisor

When you reach 18, you might not have a social worker any more.

You must be given a Personal Advisor to help you get support and to help you stay in touch with the Local Authority.

Your Personal Advisor must give you the advice and support that is talked about it in your Pathway Plan, like helping you with your finances, where you’ll live, jobs, education and training.

They must also visit you and keep in touch with you.

Your Personal Adviser can support you to the age of 25, if you want them to.

Your Pathway Plan

You can regularly talk about your Pathway Plan with your local authority to make sure it is still right for you, if you want.

Education and Training

Your local authority must help you with costs of education, employment and training.

You might be able to get money from the St.David’s Day fund for this too.

The Local Authority must try to help you live near to where you work, or where you have your education or training. If they can’t do this they need to pay for your travel costs to these places.

When I’m Ready

If you are in a “When Im Ready placement” you can continue these arrangements until you are 21.

If you are in a ‘When I’m Ready’ arrangement, they should support you and the adult you are living with (who used to be your foster carer). They should also make sure that you’re still happy with the arrangement you’re in.