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Aged 21 – 25 and in higher education

Aged 21 – 25 and in higher education

If you choose to go on to higher education (like University), your local authority needs to put in extra support to help you with this, like:

  • Give you a higher education bursary;
  • Give you information about any money you are entitled to or can ask for, this includes money from the St David’s Day fund
  • Make sure that you have a suitable place to live in the holidays, or provide you with enough money to sort this yourself;
  • Your personal advisor may continue to support you and you will have a renewed pathway plan.
  • If your education or training is interrupted, the local authority must reasonably continue to support you until you resume your course.
  • The Local Authority must support you until you finish your course.

More information

Each local authority should have its own policy on the support it can offer you, so it is important to ask for this if you have any questions. You can also ask how the local authority can support you if you wanted to undertake a post-graduate course.

When I’m Ready

If you are in a “When I’m Ready” placement you can stay in this arrangement until you finish your course or training.