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Your Rights

Your Rights

Having your say

  • You have a right to have your say and to have your views listened to at every stage of planning to leave care.
  • To make a complaint if you are unhappy about any service or treatment you have received.
  • To an advocate who can help you to speak up for yourself and make sure you get your views heard.

Doing what’s best for you

  • You have a right to stay in care until you are 18 if you want to.
  • To come back into care until you are 18 if you change your mind.
  • To stay with your foster carer until you are 21, or 25 if you’re in education, under the ‘When I’m Ready’ arrangement.
  • To have your needs assessed.
  • To have adults do what is best for you.

Your future

  • You have a right to a Pathway Plan that is reviewed at least every year.
  • To have a personal advisor to help you as you follow your Pathway Plan (this should be someone different to your social worker).


  • You have a right to extra help and support if you have special educational needs.
  • To get support from the local authority and for them to stay in touch with you until you are 21 (25 if you are in further education).
  • To be treated with respect.
  • To have your culture and your family background respected.


  • You have a right to have your accommodation provided and paid for until you are 18.
  • To have help and support to find a place to live until you are 21
  • To have help to learn the skills you need to live independently.
  • To receive a Leaving Care Grant to help set up your own home.


  • You have a right to be encouraged to go as far as you can with your education.
  • To extra financial help to let you to stay on in education.


  • You have a right to good health care and to be registered with a doctor and dentist